Saturday, March 24, 2007

Software Versions

NOTE: Typing with difficulty, to maintain freshness of thoughts under attack from small attention span of mind diverted towards acheiving spellbound, wondrous, silent solitude called sleep.So, Spelling errors excuz pliz!!

Well, once you go from being a student to a manager, or a manager trainee, as they deem your weightless status to be, there is only one software whose change in version you'll notice, curse, quit and pray it never happenned.

This software is called Microsoft Outlook.

Version 1: The student in a b-school version: You get on an average 40 mails daily. Your response is needed to hardly 4 of them, (delay in replying to which can be explained away with trivial reasons ranging from wet nite to kidney failiure (oo, there goes my train of thought roaming again.....retrack!!)), and you need to actually work upon just one of them (unless you have a class representative who can postpone the relevant deadline! )

Version 2: The Management Trainee Version: Wonder of Wonders, you come back from the covering shadows and see that there are only 40 mails in your inbox the first day. And you expect the same throught the year, or life!. But then, out of these 40 mails, 35 are for your immediate (1 hour without credible excuse, 3 hours with credible refuse and 5 hours at the risk of losing your job(Credible - Your computer hanged itself OR There was a family emergency)) response. Out of those 35, 25 are mails which you have to WORK on!!!! ( APART from typing the mail you retard! :)))

So then, there goes your life......... Send/Recieve! :D