Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Duality of Music - An elevated stand!

This is a very intellectual discussion between two people who have left the trivial worries of this world far away (or below? :))

Imagine yourself sitting in front of your comp, speakers blaring, your favourite pearl jam number flowing. You put a stop to whatever useless, productive activity you are doing, close your eyes, start singing along. You enjoy every note, every crooning in the song, and then you begin to hear nothing but yourself and the song. But even then, if you listen hard, you will listen to the two separate voices, one from yourself and one from the speakers. They won't blur, they won't unify, no matter how good a singer you are.

Now, when you are in the exalted state of being, and you have succumbed to the temptation of singing the same song aloud, mirth begins to rise with your voice, and you are singing the song, note for note. But then, there is a difference. Concentrate really hard. Really really hard. Try to distinguish the two sources of sound. You cannot. It is then that you feel you are in front of the throng of a million, performing with the precision of a master. There is no speaker. There is no song playing. It is just you singing. It is then..that the Duality of Music..ends! :)

Try making sense of this in sanity! :)

Monday, February 12, 2007

Personnel Management and Industrial Relations Expert

Yep. Thatz me! :D......Got an A.....the highest level of holy intellectual insanity that one can reach....(well, there is A+ but thatz for the metaphysical, telepathik, etc..,etc...kinda people).

Well, letz see....what did i do to deserve it? I guess itz the very relevant underlinings I had done in the Reading Comprehension End Term (one at the starting and one right at the end! :D). Or maybe my arbit CP actually made sense....No...I think it is my awesome contribution to the project.......(well actually the project was done by one of the telepathik sorta ppl! :D)

Ok Ok.. I got it. A firm grasp of the grass root level concepts, blended in the right proportion with a subtle sense of understanding of the slight tinge of abstraction, all encompassed into the tradition of learning established over 18 years.

What?? Does it look like a description for some single malt scotch? Of course it does. You think I had the creativity to write a blog? :D

Flicker - A disastrous first start! :D

Laugh away, all sense bereft, all worries gone,
coz you are in the midst of friends, united as one,
comforting the cocoon, warm the embrace,
u beam with joy, a smug smile on your face.
You are alone, longing for the past,
'Withdrawl Symptoms' the learned call it.
But you know the pain,
in words be cannot cast.
The buds of spring propituos,
A tint of bright green in the grass,
You have your maiden by your side,
All i need in life is won, impulsively you decide,
The world is at a loss,
To quench your sorrowful thirst,
Want her as much you want to,
You need to face reality first!
Old friends return,
Bringing back waves of mirth,
Are the tables gonna turn?
Will it be your rebirth?
Every time you are overjoyed,
or deep in dungeons of despair,
in front of a mirror life stands,
a glimmer, not alone..........but a pair.