Monday, February 12, 2007

Personnel Management and Industrial Relations Expert

Yep. Thatz me! :D......Got an A.....the highest level of holy intellectual insanity that one can reach....(well, there is A+ but thatz for the metaphysical, telepathik, etc..,etc...kinda people).

Well, letz see....what did i do to deserve it? I guess itz the very relevant underlinings I had done in the Reading Comprehension End Term (one at the starting and one right at the end! :D). Or maybe my arbit CP actually made sense....No...I think it is my awesome contribution to the project.......(well actually the project was done by one of the telepathik sorta ppl! :D)

Ok Ok.. I got it. A firm grasp of the grass root level concepts, blended in the right proportion with a subtle sense of understanding of the slight tinge of abstraction, all encompassed into the tradition of learning established over 18 years.

What?? Does it look like a description for some single malt scotch? Of course it does. You think I had the creativity to write a blog? :D

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