Monday, May 21, 2007

Really Bored! - Digging up precious gems!

My neighbor cracking PJ seeing title i just wrote. Says "From where?". he he. laugh. barf :(

anyways, me thinks me is not appreciating good pjs, or good anything for that matter. real pis*ed off.

I hang in train for 40 minutes, throwing an encyclopedia of choice gaalis, just by staring at a guy comfortably sitting from first station to last, without even feeling pity about the tall guy hanging from the pole :(

there should be limited time allotment of time slots for sitting in locals i say. just because u have a home in andheri doesn't mean u have the god given right to sit all the way till churchgate!!! not fair! :(

then come to office....eager to work (REALLY!!!!), but work is stalled. Can't do anything today! :( how emotionally crushing for an earnest hard working young phello like me! :(

so me starting orkutting, blogging, gmailing, others blog reading, copying content, etc..etc..

so me chancing on this old jewel..pliss to check...

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